MySpace Still Exists…
…and we’re on it.

BattleKat MySpace Music:

Here’s something weird. When I got pregnant, FaceBook overwhelmed me with Pregnancy Blogs and Stupid Ads for Prenatal DHA. It seems everything was a paid something or other. Just more annoying marketing.

You know what? My peeps on MySpace just said “hey congrats on the pregnancy”. That was it. No likes, or comments, or awkward videos about “this one weird pregnancy tip”. Nope, just real people wishing me the best.

Yes, to all you frustrating FaceBook marketing bots, I did end up finding a vegan dha pregnancy supplement. Yes, I’m a vegan and have to take the vegan prenatal vitamins that don’t have horse hooves and shit in them. So huge shout out to Diet Standards for making a vegan product (Weird Sidenote: I hear that same company is launching a line of compression socks for nurses now. I guess it’s related to pregnancy so they’re going into that market too.)

For the rest of you, stop advertising Collagen Protein to me. I don’t want to eat dead ground up bones from pigs and cows and fish. To me, killing a cow is like murdering your dog and eating them for dinner.

Anyways, I’ll end my rant now. Just wanted to say that we’re still on MySpace. And for everyone Tweeting from their iPhone 25 (or whatever the newest gadget is now), there are still people on MySpace. It’s not just a 1990’s throwback. It’s still “poppin”.

So yea, MySpace still exists and there are real people on there. Join us!